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Not a butcher or a baker but I am a furniture maker, artist, mama, wife and qualified gas engineer.

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Coming to the end of the summer hols n feeling a little sad its nearly over 😥. So to cheer ourselves up, a visit to @jimmysfarm where my youngest spotted this beauty! 🌾😃Pic by Poppy age 9 🌾🐛🐯🌾 #lizziejames #jimmysfarmhq #butterfly

Happy day…seeing these lil beauties making sweet LadyBird love on a leaf in the garden.🍃🐞💞🐞🎉🍃

Sanded and finished wood & stone resin coffee table. 🌳💪💗

Poplar wood salt/spice spoon. 🌳⚡️🌳from rescued branch hit by lightning on local school field.

Coffee table prototype made…Top needs sanding to clean it up to reveal the gorgeous mahogany wood inset. Feeling nervous now…gimme me a knife -Im fine. But give me a sander -jelly legs take over. :(
This one can wait for tomorrow…

🌳Birch is such a beautiful wood to carve. #wood #woodcraft #greenwood #spooncarving #rustic #spoon #lizziejames

Beech- Olive Spoons
I know I shouldn’t get so attached but…lovin their cute little faces so much…🌳☺️💗☺️🌳 #wood #spooncarving #lizziejames

🌳🎁 Fave birthday treat today… Japanese Nokogiri saw for this super happy birthday girl. 🎊🍰🌳


How a tree grows

(via ciderandsawdust)